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Hi, I'm Buddhika. I launched Finding Ahimsa together with Jamie since we shared the same vision of bringing people together, and with every retreat that we host together, this dream is coming true.

My early career spanned from advertising to corporate communications. During this time, I also explored the energy world – learning how to be more aware of energy and use it more consciously, so that I can live up to my full potential.

My life's passions are travel, yoga and event planning. When we launched Finding Ahimsa, it was like bringing together all of my life's passions in one amazing, exciting mission.

If you hang out with me, you will quickly realize that my fav one-liner is: "It's a flow." If you are aligned with your vision and dreams, that’s exactly what life is – flowing from that place of alignment. And, yes my fav kinda yoga is Vinyasa Flow – shouldn't life be all about music and dancing?

Since I started my journey on studying energy awareness and teaching, the greatest compliment I could receive is when someone says "I love your energy". To me, this translates into "I want to be around you. I'm happy around you. Let's be friends." I look forward to sharing my knowledge on energy awareness, cleansing and healing at the upcoming retreats. I also really look forward to hosting you at one of our events and sharing a great experience together.


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Bio coming soon!

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