Review by Cheri Kaplan of the Art of Stress-Free Living Retreat in Miami, FL (June 2019)

The Art of Stress Free Living Retreat I attended in June 2019 was above and beyond my expectations.

I wanted to have a staycation and enjoy some new ideas. Dr. Brian Ramos presented DNA Hacking ideas that blew my mind. I was not expecting the level of expertise and ideas from diet, mindset, exercise and healthy living to be so complete. Buddhika and Jamie arranged the retreat and from the “mocktail” greeting to the meals and yoga we were all pampered and glowing. The hostesses were a ray of sunshine!

We stayed at a historic charming private villa with a pool in Miami. We woke up early to meditation and yoga. Mats were already placed for us and it was peaceful and joyful. After we had breakfast of plant based food daily. Yummy oatmeal, acai bowl, granola and fresh fruits and nuts. Brian’s presentations in the afternoon were enlightening. I have been on a journey of health and well-being for a long time and realized I had so much more to learn and embraced it with a very open and happy mind. We had pool time and socializing with the presenters and attendees was so much fun and insightful. Dinner was always an adventure from lentil picadillo, Cuban food and other amazing catered meals to a gourmet Italian dining experience at a nearby restaurant.

The White Party was the piece de resistance. Everyone wore white and upon entering the house a trio ensemble playing stringed instruments ruminating throughout the house. It was awesome to relax and chat with everyone. There were caterers cooking a gourmet vegetarian meal and the smell was so delicious. There was a server with champagne and wine selections and we all sat down to dinner poolside to enjoy a four course meal of vegetable entrees, risotto, and vegan dessert.

The only regret that I have is that the retreat ended much too soon! I was totally captivated and truly left with a new outlook and ideas. Thank you everyone!

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